Registered Nurse Intellectual Disability 

Intellectual DISABILITY Nurse

The role of the Registered Nurse (Intellectual Disability) is to provide holistic, person-centred nursing care, promoting optimum independence, enhancing the quality of life for service users with intellectual, physical or sensory disability in all aspects of daily living.

On occasion, the Registered Nurse (Intellectual Disability) may be expected to take responsibility for a unit or community facility in the absence of the Clinical Nurse Manager. S/he must practice in accordance with the Code of Professional Conduct as set out by the Nursing Board and within the policies, guidelines, protocols of the units/settings in which they are employed.

Assess, plan, implement and evaluate individualised service user person-centred care programmes within an agreed framework, in accordance with best practice and grounded in recent evidence-based nursing research.

  • Develop and maintain close links with the services users, family / guardians ensuring a partnership approach
  • Work closely with the multidisciplinary team to achieve optimal input for the service user
  • Maintain appropriate and accurate written records and reports regarding service user care in accordance with local and national guidelines.
  • Foster a philosophy of care that reflects the Health Service Executive (HSE) and local services commitment to quality, using an evidenced based approach, in a safe environment maintaining the dignity of the service users.
  • Foster a model of care that is facilitating and enabling
  • Monitor overall healthcare, prevention of illness, and promote healthy lifestyles with service users
  • Act as an advocate for service users and their families and provide information to empower them in decision making, goal setting and problem solving in order to optimise their contribution and facilitate their participation in community based activities.
  • Promote and maintain nursing standards of person centred care, including the promotion of normalisation and quality of life issues.
  • Participate in the development of protocols and guidelines, and the setting of professional nursing standards
  • Be competent in relation to all relevant clinical policies and procedures
  • Participate in service audits
  • Take account of service users’ religious beliefs, doctrines and cultures
  • Comply with all legal requirements pertaining to care of service users with Intellectual Disability
  • Encourage service user engagement in community activities and escort and participate in such activities thus promoting a socially inclusive model of living.
  • Contribute to, implement, monitor and review the development of risk assessments for service users

Applicant Requirements

  • Demonstrates sufficient clinical knowledge, clinical reasoning skills and evidence based practice to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the role.
  • Practices nursing care safely and effectively, fulfilling her / his professional responsibility within her / his scope of practice.
  • Practices in accordance with legislation affecting nursing practice
  • Demonstrates the ability to plan and organise effectively
  • Demonstrate a commitment to providing a quality service
  • Demonstrate the ability to build and maintain relationships including the ability to work effectively as part of a multi disciplinary team.
  • Demonstrates effective analytical, problem solving and decision making skills
  • Demonstrates excellent communication skills, including sufficient command of the English language so as to effectively carry out the duties and responsibilities of the role
  • Demonstrates evidence of ability to empathise with and treat patients, relatives and colleagues with dignity and respect
  • Demonstrate a commitment to continuing professional development

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