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Anaesthetic Technician

Expand your career today working with one of the biggest public healthcare providers in New Zealand.  Your role would include:

  • check and set up life support and anaesthetic machines
  • inform and reassure patients, and check for conditions that could create problems under anaesthesia
  • help anaesthetists place patients’ breathing tubes and intravenous lines
  • help anaesthetists administer anaesthetics, including local anaesthetics and nerve blocks
  • watch patients and monitor their vital signs (such as heartbeat)
  • decontaminate, sterilise or dispose of equipment and materials used in operations
  • assist with care after operations and insert catheters into patients
  • operating theatre procedures and protocols
  • anaesthetic and nerve-blocking machines, life support machines, other equipment and drugs
  • emergency procedures, and how to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • human anatomy, physiology and biophysics
  • physical and medical conditions that may put patients at risk during anaesthesia.
  • usually do shift work, including weekends, and may be on call
  • work in operating rooms in hospitals and clinics, delivery suites and emergency departments
  • work in conditions that may be stressful, particularly during operations

Applicant Requirements

Have a current Annual Practising Certificate and registered with the Medical Sciences Council of New Zealand. complete on-the-job and distance learning

Achieved a Diploma in Applied Science – Anaesthetic Technology (Level 5) or Science Graduate Diploma in Anaesthetic Technology (Level 7) and have passed the New Zealand Anaesthetic Technicians’ Society’s registration exam.

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Health Group Information

Aligned with the New Zealand Health Strategy we work in partnership to improve and foster the health, well being and independence of our community meeting their changing needs.  

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