Nursing  Opportunities

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Current Nursing Opportunities

discover the Kiwi way of life.

Your nursing skills can secure your New Zealand permanent residency visa.

Doctors and medical technicians; along with Registered Nurses are in high demand in New Zealand. In December 2022 a major immigration rule change sees latest immigration changes means International nurses who work in New Zealand as a nurse can secure immediate residency.

Major reform of the health system began in 2021 creating a more equitable, accessible, cohesive and people focused system to improve the health and well being of New Zealanders. Working in New Zealand as a nurse is both rewarding and filled with opportunities.  Providing a progressive work environment both within the private and public sector, nursing in New Zealand is both rewarding and filled with opportunities.

But is not only a rewarding world class health system to work New Zealand offers; there is the lifestyle!

A lifestyle like no other.  Snow-capped mountains and beaches lie within a few short hours from cities, that are modern and thriving.   With a land mass greater than the United Kingdom and a population smaller than London there is plenty of space to play and live.

Whether you are into hiking or skiing or walks on a white sandy beach; or prefer the café or restaurant scene, New Zealand has something for everyone.  The New Zealand bush is superb, and the rivers and lakes are sublime.

Working conditions are usually 40 hours a week with flexible employment conditions.  Four weeks annual leave is the minimum with 11 national public holidays and each province having one local public holiday.

Who can apply to work in New Zealand as a nurse?

Before applying for a nursing job please register with the New Zealand Nursing Council.

Nurses who were trained and/or are qualified as Registered Nurses in the below six countries may be eligible for immediate registration.  Nurses from other countries may be required to undergo a nursing “bridging” course at their own expense.

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. Ireland
  4. Singapore
  5. United Kingdom
  6. United States of America

What New Zealand nursing jobs are available?

There are many vacancies throughout New Zealand in both the private and public health sectors.  The vacancies most sort are; forensic nursing, elderly care nursing, mental health nursing, and intellectual disability nursing.  Apply today

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