The process

Specialising in matching international candidates who demonstrate the right attitudes and behaviours for New Zealand employers, New Zealand Skills in Demand recruitment process is robust.

How it starts

The journey with NZ Skills in Demand starts with an online form where you provide the necessary information for us to contact you for an initial screening WhatsApp call.  In this initial call we not only discuss the role, recruitment process and location, but we also delve into ‘why New Zealand’?

We are interested in finding out about your expectations and aspirations, as well as your qualifications, skills, and experience.

New Zealand can be seen as a long way from the rest of the world, so employers need to be clear that the applicants are very aware of this.  Read more about New Zealand.

Pre Interview

The pre-interview process & requirements are listed below:

  • Database Registration
  • Initial Phone Screening
  • Immigration Report / Licensed Immigration Advice Obtained
  • Candidate Information and Declaration
  • CV (in the NZ Skills in Demand format)
  • Written Work Reference #1
  • Written Work Reference #2
  • Verbal Referees Form
  • Qualification/Certificates
  • Passport (photo page)
  • Driver’s Licence (front & back)
  • Profile Visual Recording

Immigration New Zealand

New Zealand Skills in Demand look after the employment side of things, but the visa and immigration advice is separate.  Only a Licensed Immigration Advisor can provide immigration advice.  It is essential you engage with a Licensed New Zealand Immigration Advisor.  They will help you understand your eligibility, what the requirements are and provide valuable assistance in applying for a visa.

Our strategic relationship with a leading New Zealand Immigration company, Migration Associates, means we have this already setup for you.  Like us Migration Associates has a robust process, which starts with the completion of an online form.   They will then arrange a phone call and step you through the process.

We will help you every step of the way!

This includes preparing liaising as needed with Migration Associates and prepping you for the interviews.  Most often there are two Zoom interviews conducted.

Upon Job Success

When you are successful, we will help you through the entire process to re-locate to New Zealand.  When you arrive in New Zealand we will be there to support you for at least 90 days while you setlle in.

Looking for a great country for an awesome experience then start your journey today start the initial screening process now!


Your CV is an important tool in your application for New Zealand positions. By using a New Zealand style template you are showing the employer that you’re serious about a New Zealand life, and improving your chances of success by offering a familiar style of CV to the employer.

Download our CV Template to get started.